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Ecopark is located on Highway 5, Van Giang, Hung Yen. Ecopark is known as the green city of Vietnam, also seen as a paradise for wedding couples. The shady green gardens, the roads covered with fresh palm trees have become a unique point. After nearly a decade of construction and development, Ecopark has become a green urban model of Vietnam and other countries in the region. Not only that, Ecopark is also the starting point of a big journey, the journey to bring residents to experience a life worthy of the community, culture and people.

The urban area has an ideal location, located in the southeast of the capital, where Feng Shui symbolizes prosperity and security. The highlight is the urban area like Apricot Hotel Hanoi is surrounded by the Red River and the Duong River, and the land runs along the banks of the Bac Hung Hai River. This is a special feature of the project that is almost exclusively seen in developed countries. Every major city in the world is famous for the river, and this is also a measure of the urban development is the ability to satisfy the needs of the landscape, living needs, leisure and relaxation for residents. Urban area is 500 hectares but the area of the lake is regulated up to 100 hectares, acting like a large lung helps to create the environment and the air here in rare places where there is. In addition, the rivers also help to create highlights such as Bac Hung Hai Bridge or other tourist sites along the river and villas that own open space, airy and full of nature.

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