Major Artery Occlusion: a Rare Complication of Sickle Cell Disease

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Adnan Agha *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Adnan Agha |


Abstract: Sickle cell disease is hereditary hemoglobinopathy which causes haemolytic anemia, vaso-occlusive crisis, ischemic injuries and many other morbidities like cerebral infarction.  In this report, we describe a case of a young patient with sickle cell disease presenting with right-sided weakness and slurring of speech with examination confirming right-sided hemiparesis with motor aphasia. On further investigation, she was found to have frontotemporal infarction.  On magnetic resonance imaging with angiography, she was found to have absent circulation in left internal carotid artery probably secondary to sickle cell disease.  Major vessel occlusion is rare complication of sickle cell disease that one must bear in mind.

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Adnan Agha, King Fahad Hospital, Armed Forces Hospital Program Southern Region

Adnan Agha, Mohammad Al-Hakami and Ghulam ShabbirDepartment of Internal Medicine, King Fahad Hospital, Armed Forces Hospital Program Southern Region, Khamis Mushyt, P.O. Box 101, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.