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Muhammad Imran Hasan Khan
Eram Anwar
Adnan Agha *
Noha Saleh
Ehsan Ullah
Imran Ali Syed
Arsalan Raja
(*) Corresponding Author:
Adnan Agha | adnanagha@hotmail.com


Introduction: Dengue virus (DENV) affects over half the world’s population in 112 countries, and dengue fever (DF) is the second largest arthropod borne infectious global hazard after malaria with complications like Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) accounting for significant morbidity and mortality world over. Pakistan is significantly affected with DENV infection and to-date no study identifying risk factors associated with complications of DF has been done.

Methods: 997 confirmed cases of DF were collected in a tertiary care hospital in Lahore, Pakistan and their clinical and biochemical data were collected. Univariate, multivariate and logistics regression analysis was performed to identify risk factors associated with development of DHF and DSS.

Results: Bleeding OR 70.7 (CI 38.4-129.9), deranged liver function test OR 1.9 (CI 0.97-0.99), platelet count on admission less than 50,000 x109/L OR 0.16 (CI 0.13-0.19), presence of urinary red blood cells OR 1.4 (CI 0.179-0.900) and presence of urinary protein OR 1.1 (CI 0.191-0.974) were related to development of DHF and DSS.

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Muhammad Imran Hasan Khan, Lahore General Hospital

Assistant Professor Of MedicineMedical Unit I, Lahore General Hospital

Adnan Agha, Adnan Agha, MRCPUK, FCPS; MCPS Department of General Medicine, Blackpool Victoria Hospital NHS, United Kingdom

Adnan Agha+, MRCPUK, FCPS; MCPS SP RegistrarDepartment of General Medicine, Blackpool Victoria Hospital Lancashire FY3 8NR United Kingdom Phone: 01253300000 E-mail: adnanagha@hotmail.com

Noha Saleh, Alexandria University, Egypt

Lecturer of Biostatistics, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, Egypt

Ehsan Ullah, Lahore General Hospital

Registrar Internal Medicine

Imran Ali Syed, Lahore General Hospital

Registrar Internal Medicine

Arsalan Raja, Lahore General Hospital

Registrar Internal Medicine