Single agent lenalidomide activity in multiple myeloma relapse evidenced uniquely by CT/PET

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Alessandro Gozzetti *
Vania Rossi
Alfonso Cerase
Giulia Papini
Marzia Defina
Monica Bocchia
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alessandro Gozzetti |


A71 year old female with multiple myeloma presented with back pain seven year after autologous stem cell transplant. Skeletal bone survey and magnetic resonance imaging did not show a relapse that was evidenced by CT/PET. Lenalidomide as single agent induced a complete disappearance of the lesions 6 months later at CT/PET

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Alessandro Gozzetti, Gozzetti A, Division of Hematology and Transplants, University of Siena, Policlinico "Santa Maria alle Scotte", Viale Bracci 16 53100 Siena, Italy.


Vania Rossi, Medicina Nucleare Ospedale Arezzo


Giulia Papini, Hematology Siena


Monica Bocchia, Hematology Siena