Diagnosis of del(5q) MDS, 14 years after JAK-2 positive PV appearance: complete remission of both diseases with lenalidomide monotherapy

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Antonella Vaccarino
Irene Dogliotti
Fabio Marletto
Andrea Demarchi
Mario Bazzan


myeloproliferative syndrome, myelodysplastic syndrome, 5q deletion, JAK-2 mutation, lenalidomide


This is the report of the clinical case of a patient who presents the association of a JAK-2 positive chronic myeloproliferative neoplasia to a subsequent 5q- myelodysplastic syndrome, developed after about 14 years from the first diagnosis. Patient’s symptoms had rapidly worsened, and she became transfusion-dependent. Therapy with low-dose Lenalidomide quickly reduced the splenomegaly, and completely brought white cells counts, haemoglobin and platelets back to normal.  After more than one year from start, blood cell count is still normal. As far as we know this is the first case of an effective treatment with Lenalidomide reported in this clinical setting.


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