A Young Adult with Unintentional Acute Parenteral Iron intoxication Treated with Oral Chelation: The Use of Liver Ferriscan.

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Vincenzo De Sanctis
(*) Corresponding Author:


Acute iron poisoning in humans has not been adequately studied. Toxicity depends on the severity of iron overload. Manifestation of acute iron poisoning, defined as a serum iron concentration >300 µg/dL (55 µmol/L) within 12 hours of ingestion, by oral route include numerous symptoms which appear in progressive stages.  Systemic toxicity is expected with an ingestion of 60 mg/kg.  A 27 year old female nurse presented to hematology department with iron toxicity 1 week after self-injecting herself with 20 ampoules of IV iron (4000 mg elemental iron, 60 mg/kg). Her vital signs were stable but she had mild hepatic tenderness.

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