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Elisabetta Abruzzese


SIMPLICITY, Chronic-Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, Response Monitoring, TKI switching patterns, Italy


Background and Objectives

While tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) have transformed CP-CML management, limited data exist on their use in clinical practice.


SIMPLICITY (NCT01244750) is an observational study in CP-CML patients, exploring first?line (1L) TKI use and management patterns in the US and Europe. Over half of the patients recruited in Europe are from Italy (n=266). This is an analysis of the Italian cohort and a comparison with the rest of the European SIMPLICITY population. Baseline demographic, factors influencing choice of first-line TKI, response monitoring patterns and predictors of monitoring, and treatment interruptions, discontinuations and switching by index TKIs are presented for the Italian cohort in the first year of treatment and compared with that for the overall European SIMPLICITY cohort.


Italian patients received 1L imatinib (IM; retrospective [(n=31]; prospective [n=106]), dasatinib (DAS; n=56) or nilotinib (NIL; n=73). Documented cytogenetic response monitoring by 12 months was lower than expected, but almost all patients had documented molecular response monitoring. Fewer patients discontinued first-line TKI by 12 months in Italy compared with the rest of the European SIMPLICITY population (p=0.003). Of those with ?12 months follow-up since start of 1L TKI, only 7.1% (n=19) of Italian patients switched to a second-line TKI, a third less than in the rest of the European SIMPLICITY population. Of interest, intolerance as opposed to resistance, was the main reason for switching.


This analysis provides valuable insights into management and treatment patterns in Italian patients with CML within routine clinical practice.


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