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Hui Liu
Lorraine Gemmell
Rui Lin
Fengrong Zuo
Henry H. Balfour, Jr.
Jennifer C. Woo
Gregory M. Hayes


Epstein-Barr Virus, Gp350, Vaccine, Anti-gp350 IgG ELISA, Neutralization assay


No licensed vaccine is available for prevention of EBV-associated diseases, and robust, sensitive, and high-throughput bioanalytical assays are needed to evaluate immunogenicity of gp350 subunit-based candidate EBV vaccines. Here we have developed and improved analytical tools for such a vaccine’s pre-clinical and clinical validation including a gp350-specific antibody detection assay and an EBV-GFP based neutralization assay for measuring EBV specific antibodies in human donors. The sensitivity of our previously published high-throughput EBV-GFP fluorescent focus (FFA)-based neutralization assay was further improved when guinea pig complement was supplemented using a panel of healthy human sera. Anti-gp350 antibody titers, which were evaluated using an anti-gp350 IgG ELISA assay optimized for capture and detection conditions, were moderately correlated to the FFA-based neutralization titers. Overall, these sensitive, and high-throughput bioanalytical assays are capable of characterizing the serologic response to natural EBV infection, with applications in evaluating EBV antibody status in epidemiologic studies and immunogenicity of candidate gp350-subunit EBV vaccines in clinical studies.


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