Isavuconazole therapy of disseminated and encephalic Saprochaete capitata infection in an acute myeloid leukemia patient treated with midostaurin.

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Salvatore Perrone *
Chiara Lisi
Elettra Ortu La Barbera
Cristina Luise
Miriam Lichtner
Corrado Girmenia
Giuseppe Cimino
(*) Corresponding Author:
Salvatore Perrone |


BACKGROUND Saprochaete capitata is a rare and emerging opportunistic fungus, involving immunocompromised hosts, in particular neutropenic patients after chemotherapy. CASE REPORT We report a case of disseminated and cerebral infection by Saprochaete capitata, in a 68-year-old woman affected by acute myeloid leukemia that was successfully managed with liposomal amphotericin B and isavuconazole. CONCLUSION this case illustrates the feasibility of isavuconazole therapy in the treatment of a S.capitata infection when co-administered with midostaurin.

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