Acquired Sideroblastic Anemia: An exploratory Comparative Statistical Analysis Between Clonal and Non-clonal cases Acquired Sideroblastic Anemia

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Dina Sameh Soliman
Samah Kohla
Shehab Fareed
Susanna Akiki
Aliaa Amer
Ibrahim Ganwo
Prem Chandra
Halima El-Omri
Feryal Ibrahim


Key words: sideroblastic anemia, copper deficiency, non-clonal sideroblastic anemia


Sideroblastic anemia (SA) is a rare heterogenous group of inherited and acquired bone marrow disorders. We retrospectively studied the clinicopathologic characteristics, cytogenetic findings, and disease outcome of patients with acquired sideroblastic anemia (ASA) and performed a comparative analysis between clonal and non-clonal cases. 15 patients of ASA were detected: clonal SA (10 cases, 66.7%) including MDS, MDS/MPN, AML and t-MNs with ring sideroblasts) and SA secondary to non-clonal causes (5 cases; 33.3%), including copper deficiency (2 sideroblastic anemia, copper deficiency, non-clonal sideroblastic anemia cases), pyridoxine deficiency diagnosed during pregnancy, and 2 patients with idiopathic SA.Key

Keywords: sideroblastic anemia, copper deficiency, non-clonal sideroblastic anemia


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