Cauda equina enhancing lesion in a HIV-positive patient. Case report and literature revision.

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Pasquale De Bonis
Antonella Cingolani
Angelo Pompucci
Tommaso Tartaglione
Luigi Maria Larocca
Luciana Teofili


HIV, Lymphoma, Parassitosis


We describe the case a spinal cord localization of neurological toxoplasmosis in a HIV-positive patient with Burkitt lymphoma, previously treated with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. This complication occurred while patient was in complete remission of lymphoma, with CD4+ T cell count of 270 /ml, undetectable HIV viremia, and despite the trimethoprim/ sulfamethoxazole prophylaxis. Indeed, we hypothesize that in our patient neurologic toxoplasmosis has been fostered more by previous immuno-chemotherapy than by HIV- related immunodeficiency. On the whole, this case suggests that parameters usually employed to predict the risk for opportunistic infections in HIV-positive people might not apply to patients with HIV-related lymphomas.


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