Lung Clear “Sugar” Cell Tumor and Jak V617f Positive Essential Thrombocythemia: A simple Co?nc?dence?

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Volkan Yazak
Gokhan Sargin
Irfan Yavasoglu
Gurhan Kadikoylu
Canten Tataroglu
Gokay Bozkurt
Zahit Bolaman


sugar cell, trombocytemia, jak2


The primary clear cell tumor of the lung is an extremely rare benign tumor, which is called “sugar tumor”, because of the large content of glycogen. Here we are presenting essential thrombocythemia and lung clear cell tumor which was not reported before to the best of our knowledge.

A 44 years old woman admitted to the clinic with complaint of lassitude lasting for 2 months. In her physical examination the spleen was 3 cm palpable from the costa arch In laboratory findings number of platelet was 1014000 mm³. A 3.5 cm in diameter pulmonary nodule is detected in right upper lobe in the graphy of the lungs. Subsequently  computed tomography  (CT ) of thorax was carried out. Due to the benign features in the display of  the detected nodule, a total excision with curative and diagnostic intentions was performed. Microscopically the tumor were composed of nests of rounded or oval cells with distinct cell borders and optically clear cytoplasm. The nuclei were small. Immunohistochemically the tumor cells expressed HMB-45, NSE and focal S100 antigen. It was diagnosed as clear  “sugar” cell tumor. In conclusion, in lung clear cell tumor, it is important to make evaluation in terms of myeloproliferative disease in adults whose thrombocytosis continue after the treatment.


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