A case of iron deficiency anemia with co-existing Hb Fontainebleau.

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Abhishek HL Purohit
Mukul Aggarwal
Roshan B Colah
Anita H Nadkarni
Hara P Pati


Iron deficiency anemia, Hb Fontainebleau, Alpha globin gene variant, Microcytosis, Thalassaemia


Hb Fontainebleaue is a rare alpha chain variant in the Indian population which generates an unknown peak on hemoglobin HPLC study and does cause diagnostic difficulty to those who are not acquainted with this entity. We present a case of Hb Fontainebleau, an eighteen year old patient who presented with symptoms related to anemia to our department and unknown peak observed in HPLC plots lead us to family study and molecular characterization for this case.


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