Assessment of cabin crew awareness about malaria in a major airline

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Soha Shawqi Albayat, DR.
Suresh B Kokku, DR.
Hamad Eid Al-Romaihi, DR.
Devendra Bansal
Hayat Salahaldin Khogali, DR.
Elmoubasher Farag, DR.


Malaria, prophylaxis, awareness, airline, crew members



Malaria is a global public health problem across Africa, Asia and Americas. In the recent past, a dramatic increase in global air travel networks and connectivity contributed to increased risk of contracting malaria. Airline cabin crew travelling to malaria high-risk countries are at increased risk of contracting the disease. Awareness plays an important role in prevention of malaria among the crew by having high degree of knowledge of disease and adhering to the protective measures advised. In this study we aimed to evaluate the knowledge about malaria, risk assessment, prevention and prophylaxis of malaria among a major commercial airline crew member.


This was qualitative cross-sectional study based on structured questionnaire conducted among crew members in a major commercial airline. We have deployed purposive sampling to pick 40 crew members who frequently travel to malaria endemic areas as part of their duty. The questionnaire contained both close and open-ended questions, which was given to the participants via the receptionists at the medical centre of the airline.


Most of the cabin crew members were aware about malaria and its causes, symptoms, prevention and effective treatment. Many of the participants have been taking necessary precautions to ensure that they are safe but not all possible measures.


The baseline data should be further confirmed to assist in giving the appropriate recommendations to help combat the issue of protecting cabin crews from the risks of Malaria.


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