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Systemic mastocytosis, Radiography, CT, Magnetic resonance imaging


Radiological diagnosis of systemic mastocytosis (SM) can be hard to establish. This is mainly due to the variable radiological features involving many organ systems (e.g., respiratory, cardiovascular, lympho-reticular, digestive systems, and most commonly skin), and the broad spectrum of skeletal findings, in particular. Skeletal involvement is the most common and prominent imaging feature in patients with SM and represents a prognostic factor as it may entail an aggressive course of the disease. Diagnosis, which is largely established by histological evaluation of a bone marrow trephine biopsy specimen supplemented by imaging modalities such as radiography, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging, requires a team approach between the hematologist, radiologist, and pathologist. The general radiologist needs to be familiar with the imaging findings because they may be the first to suggest the correct diagnosis. The primary purposes of this article were to equip clinicians with pertinent radiological semiotics and present relevant radiological features that assist early diagnosis and selection of an effective treatment.


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